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Killarney Mountain Lodge

I'd like to express my thanks and pleasure to Killarney Mountain Lodge management for hosting Monday morning art lessons by Danielle Gardner.
I joined a class of nine at the end of July, preteens to octogenarians ranging in drawing and painting experience from extensive to limited, to retirees like myself with none.

What an opportunity to learn under an accomplished and gifted Group of Seven Legacy artist!
Add to Danielle's passion her gifted teaching, her penchant for the outdoors, delightful personality and I count it fortunate to have taken her class before the fuss begins requiring reservations far in advance.

I arrived at Killarney Provincial Park several days previous never venturing artistically beyond stick men or smiley faces.
My wife and I took "art in the park" lessons in the mornings with Danielle and Christy A. Smith, artists in residence, and I finished up at Killarney Mountain Lodge with an acrylic landscape on canvas, now proudly hung by my wife in our kitchen-dining room.

Thank you Danielle and Killarney Mountain Lodge.

Signed: Pleasant Memories of Killarney


Thanks so much for the lessons.
It was a pleasure attending your class, especially at the Lodge



Hi Danielle,
I love to see the pictures on Facebook of all your classes at the Mountain Lodge and envy everyone there! I loved participating in your class and painting the view from the Crack, it was a wonderful experience, Thanks again! Your students back home (and in Killarney) are lucky to have you!



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