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MAY 5 & 6, 2018, 10 A.M. TO 5 P.M.


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Summer Sales:

Killarney Mountain Lodge - original paintings

Boathouse Store - new ceramics

Killarney Outpost - original paintings, cards, prints, & ceramics

La Cloche Art Show - original paintings

Backstreet Gallery, Noelville - original paintings

2018 Killarney Art Show & Sale


July 28 and 29, 2018 | 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Veteran’s Memorial Hall (in the community centre complex)
56A Charles Street, Killarney, ON
Free admission. Donations to the Friends welcomed.


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Available work:

At the Centre of Infinity

"At the Centre of Infinity" 2017


Ethereal works based on professional photographs by my friend Dale Roddick from Nellie Lake. Otherworldly and revealing image evoking the sublime of the open wound of history, rebirth out of ruin and cycles of life.


Symphonic Radiation

 "Symphonic Radiation" 2017

36" x 48"

Ethereal works based on professional photographs by my friend Dale Roddick from Nellie Lake. Otherworldly and revealing image evoking the sublime of time and life itself.

Dale Roddick

"Happy to have inspired an amazing artist Danielle Gardner. Her talent as a painter makes this truly her own. I love it. You really went on a tare doing these. I love seeing the work in progress. I have had artists use my work for inspiration before but I've never been so pleased with the resulting pieces. I think they are epic."

Dale's work can be viewed at:

Symphonic Radiation, has won Best of Show and Best Acrylic in the 2017 La Cloche Art Show.

Dale Roddick Dale Roddick



"Reaching" 2017
Nellie Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Underwater source photography by Danielle Gardner


"Waiting" 2017
Nellie Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Underwater source photography by Danielle Gardner

בתולת ים

"בתולת ים" 2017
Nellie Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Underwater source photography by Danielle Gardner

Seated in Skin

"Seated In Skin" 2017
Nellie Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Underwater source photography by Danielle Gardner


"Repose" 2017
Nellie Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Underwater source photography by Danielle Gardner


Through the Wind

"Through the wind" 2017
George Lake, Second Beach
Killarney Provincial Park 
20 "x20"

Through the skin we glide

"Through the skin we glide" 2017
George Lake, Second Beach
Killarney Provincial Park 
20 "x20"

Isle of Solitude

"Isle of Solitude" 2017
O.S.A. Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

Oxidized Perception

"Oxidized Perception" 2017
George Lake, Sunset Rock
Killarney Provincial Park 

Green Song

"Green Song" 2017
George Lake, La Cloche Entrance
Killarney Provincial Park 


Philosopherswalk Tree

"Philosopherswalk Tree"

Philosopherswalk Cabin

40" x 30"

OSA Repoussoir

"OSA Repoussoir"
Killarney Provincial Park 

West Portage

"West Portage" 2017
Grace Lake
Killarney Provincial Park 

This painting expresses the work & rewards portaging involves. 

Crimson Dance

Completed work by Danielle Gardner 2017
"Crimson Dance" 
24" x 30"
Killarney Provincial Park

I was cross country skiing in December along the Chikanishing Creek in Killarney Provincial Park around noon, mesmerized by the colours in winter. Lovely cool shadows and the reflections in the Creek of the trees, snow and sky. The entire scene built up like a dance.


Winter Dialogue

"Winter Dialogue" 2017
24" x 30"
Killarney Provincial Park

Skiing during the Winter break along the Chikanishing Creek we happen along this clearing and we are never too sure how the ice and snow will coat it. It never looks the same and always amazes me.

Bonsai Pine

"Bonsai Pine" 2017
24" x 30"

Clinging to white quartzite at the top of the West Pillar at The Crack. It's probably over 100 years old and has seen it's fair share of weather through the seasons and decades. A reminder to us that we are survivors.

and then we walked

"and then we walked" 2017
24" x 30"
Killarney Provincial Park

This view is along the trail that is a part of a hike in Killarney Park called "The Crack". We went there in the late afternoon to capture the sun at just the right moment that the trees turn vivid colours in their shadows. The light draws you into the wood, while the red blaze marks the trail for this day hike and is indexical of our presence in this wilderness preserve.

Silent Witness

"Silent Witness" 2017

24" x 30"

Evening approaches, and the rocks gleam of an otherworldly silver light on Grace Lake. Every moment a different experience of colour that engulfs the viewer. This was the calm before the show of sunset.

Winter's Rest

"Winter's Rest" 2017

24" x 30"

Memories of striped snow resonate as we had walked along Shirley's Cove and through the birch wood on the way to Lumsden Lake in Killarney Park.

Gardner Essential Journey

"Essential Journey" 2017

Looking into Kakakise from the Root wall, Killarney Provincial Park

24" x 30"

As we journey through the wood we find that we take only what is essential in confronting the beauty before us. The conversation with the land goes on as we negotiate the safest route to descend. Off to the side of the trail there is an inviting lush area in which most don't climb down.

Painting "Essential Journey" - It may be possible that it is too much fun to paint!

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Gardner Resiliency

"Resiliency" 2017

The West River, just passed Widgawa Lodge

24" x 30"

Light is catching the foliage
Life growing out of death
Hope for our future in times of change in our world.


I Linger in the Echo

"I Linger in the Echo" 2016

30" x 40"

This piece is about the shedding of everything you know as you ascend the mountain and the reshaping and rejuvenation that occurs when you are there. It was interesting to paint the reflections and the bottom of the lake at the same time. I love the colour of the caramel rocks that go under water when it rains up in the mountains. The last time we went the water was over these rocks and you could see the colour coming through the crystal clear waters. The echo refers to the sounds we made while having a lunch here, our voices bouncing off the surrounding mountains that continued. This place leaves me longing to return and explore other sides of this amazing little lake. This is the last piece of Summer 2016. I painted 27 pieces and taught many lessons this summer. To end with this is such a great reward and gift.

We recorded some footage of "I Linger in the Echo" and we are putting together a short piece:


Gardner Guest Cabin View Monochromatic

"Gardner Guest Cabin" 2016


12" x 12"

Jeweled Island

"Jewelled Island - O.S.A. Lake H29" 2016

40" x 30"

When you travel to this amazing site you feel proud of your accomplishment being there. It boasts of a large body of land with beautiful jewelled features and clear water swimming in a very deep and unreal intense blue. I've painted the inky late day version but here you can see the lighter tones in the water and how they deepen. This painting is about the beauty of the colours that surround you and shape your experience there.


Other Kinds of Fire

"Other Kinds of Fire" 2016

60" x 24"

This everchanging sky keeps me returning as I have more to say. This was another view of the same site. I may have more to say on this matter. For the sky to turn so many different hues was like looking through a kaleidoscope of nature. Every minute the sky changed and every minute I documented in awe and wonder. The underpainting for this was dyacralide yellow, florescent yellow paynes grey and dioxazine purple. There are other kinds of fire to entice the senses!


Enraptured by Grace 1 Enraptured by Grace 2 Enraptured by Grace 3


"Enraptured by Grace" 2016

60" x 24"

Painted during Artist in Residency 2016 at Killarney Provincial Park

Three separate panels of a cloudscape and a Jack Pine. This is the site we stayed at as we hiked up to the Carmichael Rock. It's a large site that offers spectacular views of the surrounding La Cloche, bell shaped, mountains. Painting this was assaulting to the senses much like the real life experience was. I began with an underpainting of Neon Pink, Paynes Grey and a mixed teal that shines through the layers of the painting. It was enjoyable to see how it progressed and people's reactions from a few parking lots away. The piece stands with a bit of space between them to show your wall colouring behind. It becomes an architectural piece that frames out a window onto this special space and moment in time. It needs a space that complements its size and colouring. When shown at the Killarney Art Show and Sale July, 2016, this piece was against a yellow wall. When I got home Saturday night I photoshoped the wall to a neutral colour and it made a huge difference.


On the Edge of Life On the Edge of Life

"On the Edge of Life" 2016

Carmichael's View, Grace Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

30" x 48"

Painting "On the Edge of Life" was a labour of love that became an obsession over the grail of Canada! Travelling to and seeing Franklin Carmichael's Rock. This painting is not only about the history rock and the legacy of Franklin Carmichael and his painting in the park, it's about the recent history of artists John and Kerri Butler and Jim and Sue Waddington who took the rock that was kicked over and replaced it in it's rightful position back up the mountain! The small stone holding up the rock is just as important to me as the rock itself. I sat on the rock during this pilgrimage but chose not to paint from the rock because it was about the history of this space and not about me. This is the second time that we tried to see this spot. The first time was a failure in the rain and I'm not a fan of heights in the first place. So I sat back as I wanted to show the view as if I was watching Carmichael paint it, so I sat back and painted with my daughters and did some studies of the rock and the view to bring back and paint this. I found that when I blew up the photos it helped me understand the visual textures better and I did something I don't normally do. I usually begin with the underpainting and then work from the sky downward through the layers, this time, I worked on the underpainting and then became obsessed with the completion of the rock first! I felt that if I didn't get this rock done first there was no point to the painting. It's incredible, I'm sure that you will agree, that when you stay in spaces like this, it's amazing to see all the work you did in getting there. We could see our campsite on the left with the large Jack Pine. We could see a place in the portage towards Nellie Lake on the right, where we slept after climbing this mountain we didn't make it into Nellie on this trip as planned, but we had a small toddler with us who created more things to carry. Looking at this scene reminds me of all the work it took getting there.


Granite Ridge - Hawk Cliff

"Granite Ridge - View of Hawk Cliff"

36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas

Artist in Residency, Summer 2015

This piece was painted at the top of Granite Ridge this past August 13th, en plein air, and then completed in my studio, philosopherswalk north as a part of my time as Artist in Residence in the Park.  I have worked and painted in Killarney park for over 10 years and received the volunteer service award for Ontario.  I continue to be committed to assisting art education in the park to keep alive the legacy of the Group of Seven who protected the park and the Ingersoll community as a secondary school art teacher at IDCI.  The weather was fine on the 13th and the winds kind, as I taught a lesson to interested campers and painted at this magical site.  Next summer I plan on painting the sister view overlooking the Georgian Bay.



Available for sale in the philosopherswalk studio April 30 & May 1:

Killarney Lake looking towards Freeland

Killarney Lake looking towards Freeland


Artist in Residency, Summer 2015

All who enter Killarney Lake from the Freeland Portage will pass a narrow channel and happen upon this scene of lush pine and vibrantly coloured topaz waters with a white quartz shoreline. Old trees can be seen in the transparent waters in the calm of the morning, later reflecting the movement of the wind and the scene surrounded by wildlife such as families of loon, and the occasional snapping turtle laying her eggs. The shore is a welcoming scene and a landmark for the way back to the George lake campground.

Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror

Georgian Bay, near the lighthouse in Killarney

30" x 40"

During a certain time of evening, before the sun starts to set, the water on the Georgian Bay can look so amazingly overexposed. The entire area turns into a brilliant silver mirror and these gleaming rocks and sounds of the open water splashing along the rocky shore take hold of you and makes you feel like you belong to it.

OSA Lake

"O.S.A. Lake, Killarney Provincial Park"
30" x 48"

Inky rich blue O.S.A. Lake seems like it goes on forever even though it's not that big a lake. The surrounding mountains protect it's inhabitants on a few canoe sites that great their visitors with Islands of trees dancing in chorus. Evening paddles and leisurely swims in it's depths quench the thirst of visitors. I have such a tremendous affinity for the bluest blue of the lakes in Killarney on a sunny day.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Pine Island Channel, Killarney

30" x 48"

We usually snowshoe or ski around the Island during the solstice, but this year we were able
to kayak through the channel where there should be fishing huts and snowmobiles. As we
came back the ice was slowly freezing over. I painted from my cabin window and was
amazed that I was able to document the changing season.

In the Heat of the Day

"In the Heat of the Day Chikanishing Trail, Georgian Bay"


Artist in Residency, Summer 2015

When I work en plein air, there is nothing more authentic then catching moments of light. The canvas for this piece was paddled in by on Chikanishing Creek to the Georgian Bay in Killarney during my artist in residency at the park in July 2015. I settled in, covered to protect myself from the from the early morning and painted up until the sun was setting to catch the light throughout the day. It was so hot my paint scarcely touched the canvas and it was dry. Many people watched and visited and a one family even joined me to paint for a few hours. It was interesting to watch as the fishermen came for their daily catch replaced by families hiking and birds greeting the setting sun. Some work was added at a later date during the Killarney Art Show and Sale and in my studio.

Walk of Honey

"On the way to Lumsden Lake - Walk of Honey"
24" x 36"

Drinking in the colours of fall in Killarney is an amazing thing to do if you get the opportunity.
Cheerful colours, crunching leaves and rushing streams are what greet you instead of bugs.
There is nothing like it.

Grace Lake

"Grace Lake" 2015
24" x 30"

This charming view is from site 179 has greeted visitors from before the days of the Group of Seven. Carmichael and Jackson painted here and the lake echoes it's appropriate name. It's narrow and small and surrounded by quartzite hills that are challenging and gratifying to climb, anchored by slivers of rock dotted with pine. The paddle and portage in are well worth it. The light, the sky and the weather frequently changes as the weather each time of day. There is a lot of wildlife that inhabits this kaleidoscope for the senses and incredibly romantic. I have never witnessed it the same way twice.

February Walk

"February Walk"
24" x 30"

A few years ago my husband and I camped at the top of The Crack in February. There was such beauty on the way there. The ice falls on the rocks looked like jewellery or pearls to me. I love how the iron from the rock coloured them. It was perfectly crisp weather and one of the most romantic times we have been camping. We camped right at the top.

Killarney Site 20

"Killarney Lake - Site 20"
24" x 30"

Killarney Lake is beautiful in the autumn. You don't have to paddle far in to reach a pretty destination. We have fond memories of taking our pup Buffy there. The time before this trip our oldest daughter brought a plastic English Golden and placed it on the rocks here. This time we had the real thing! Fond memories of that trip, beautiful weather.

Chikanishing View

"Chikanishing View"
24" x 30"

One of our favourite hikes, even just for dinner, is The Chikanishing Trail. The Georgian Bay at the middle of the loop offers spectacular views that include a small island. Like so many, we love to picnic there and wade out to the island over the sandbar and relax. Sometimes the sky is so blue it's unreal. I love how the trees grow out of rock and cling on through their years just like us. Surviving.

Pine Island Channel Silhouette

"Pine Island Channel Silhouette"
24" x 30"

This view is one we know very well. It's of the Pine Island Channel through a lovely screen of trees where our cabin is. I love how the trees move and grow and the life that they carry. We have seen wolves, bears, heron, bald eagle, and a myriad of birds through this place. My heart is there. I tried to capture the calm I feel while I'm there. I don't know about you, but I feel a change come over myself when I'm in Killarney. The minerals in the water on our skin softening it is the best spa I have experienced. It's a part of us that we take with us back where we live.

Strength in Numbers

Strength In Numbers

27" x 36"

Artist in Residency, Summer 2013

I sat in a sandy ditch at the side of a beautiful windy road, the trek down to second beach in the George Lake Campground, in Killarney Provincial Park and painted this wall of root and walk that I have known all these years through every season. It was like painting an old set of friends, my dogs at my side, working through the layers en plein air. I love how these resilient friends cling onto the rock and grow with very little soil.

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock - framed in black

25.5” x 48”

Artist in Residency, Summer 2012

Wolf Lake

The Beauty of Wolf Lake, Temagami - Save Wolf Lake!

Source Photo by Preston Ciere

Acrylic on Linen
18" x 26"

By The Bridge

By the Bridge

48" x 7"

acrylic on linen

Artist in Residency, Summer 2010

This painting was completed against a tree on the section of the park affectionately known as the Dog Beach, at the start of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail. It's a sliver of the view just across the bridge, a beautiful spot I have painted many times as my dogs enjoy the water.


H54 A.Y. Jackson Lake

48" x 7"

Artist in Residency, Summer 2010

I hiked in this hand-built linen stretcher to one of my favourite interior sites, H54, and painted it over the course of two days, from start to finish. It was fun to chase the light and get the rich sunset colours at the end of the first day incorporated in. A lovely spot to swim and enjoy the outdoors with a little more privacy.


David Lake

David Lake

48" x 7"

Artist in Residency, Summer 2010

In the interior, on David Lake, there is a great section of rocky islands with massive cracks running through the rock. A great sense of texture to behold while canoeing through the large expanse of water.

 La Cloche Exit Culmination

La Cloche Exit Culmination

48" x 14"

Artist in Residence, Summer 2009

This painting was completed en plein air, while surrounded by children who were camping. They joined me and painted and drew things they saw during my summer in residency in 2009.


Cypress Lake

watercolour on paper

The tangled interwoven roots of cedar trees of Cypress Lake, Bruce Peninsula captured my attention for many years.



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