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For sale at the Friends of Killarney Park Store:

The only reproductions done of Danielle's work is sold through the Friends to raise money for educational programs and taking care of Killarney Provincial Park. She sells archival prints, cards, post cards and magnets of some of her work. Contact them for details. They will ship.

The originals currently for sale at the Outpost:

Morning Fog AY Jackson Small

Morning Fog

A.Y. Jackson Lake - Small

8" x 10"

A Y Jackson Fog small

A.Y. Jackson Lake in Fog - Small

8" x 10"


Birch on Kakakise Lake

8" x 10"

Killarney Quartz

Killarney Quartz
20" x 30"
Acrylic on Linen

Morning Fog

Morning Fog

A.Y. Jackson Lake

20" x 24"

Turtles Back

Painted back in Yurt #4 at Killarney Provincial Park

watercolour on paper



click here to contact the artist for information on sales or commission work.