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For sale at the Backstreet Gallery, Noelville:

AY Jackson Lake

A.Y. Jackson Lake

watercolour on paper

This piece took me a few months of work to get the thin transparent layers to appear as still as it felt that morning on the lake. I've always loved the photographic quality I can achieve with watercolour, but with this piece it was more about the mood and the infinate stillness of that morning.

Nelly Lake

Nelly Lake

Acrylic on linen

I painted the sketches for this in the rain under a make-shift tarp. If you know the campsite, it's amazing treasures of an old logging cabin's wood stove and rusted remnants. I walked my two dogs out to the greyish patch under the enourmous tree on the right. It took about 10 minutes and from the site I would have appeared with the dogs as ants on the vast quarts hills that shone like mirrors when the sun finally came out. You get a tremendous sence of virtigo when you look into the clear deep water down to full trees rotting at the bottom. Being in a canoe there is like sitting on the top of a skyscraper. We have to get back to this sacred place.

Bell Lake

Bell Lake

Acrylic on canvas

Painting this scene was from memory in the studio. The photos were taken on a large camping trip with an adventure club at the high school I work at. Lots of fond memories of this place. I love how when we go there we always meet the kindest of people on the way in at the Bell Lake boat launch. I love hearning everyone's stories and seeing the inviting white Silver of Silver Peak in the distance.


For Sale at Homesville Church Gallery, near Clinton:

Killarney Enchantment

Killarney Enchantment

36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas


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