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At the Centre of Infinity











"At the Centre of Infinity" 2017


Ethereal works based on professional photographs by my friend Dale Roddick from Nellie Lake. Otherworldly and revealing image evoking the sublime of the open wound of history, rebirth out of ruin and cycles of life.


Symphonic Radiation

 "Symphonic Radiation" 2017

36" x 48"

Ethereal works based on professional photographs by my friend Dale Roddick from Nellie Lake. Otherworldly and revealing image evoking the sublime of time and life itself.

Dale Roddick

"Happy to have inspired an amazing artist Danielle Gardner. Her talent as a painter makes this truly her own. I love it. You really went on a tare doing these. I love seeing the work in progress. I have had artists use my work for inspiration before but I've never been so pleased with the resulting pieces. I think they are epic."

Dale's work can be viewed at:

Symphonic Radiation, has won Best of Show and Best Acrylic in the 2017 La Cloche Art Show.

Dale 2 Dale R


Winter Fire

"Winter Fire" 2018

9" x 12"

After 4, looking back at Philosopherswalk Camp, the trees look unreal, like they are on fire.

The Scent of Old Pine - Jewel Toned Memory

36" x 48"

acrylic on canvas

Chikanishing Creek, at the Georgian Bay

30" x 48"

acrylic on canvas

Pristine Winter

"Cave Lake"
30" x 40"

Autumn Bliss

This piece was painted en plein air for the taping of A Park for All Seasons
25 October 2012, to be aired in the spring.

"La Cloche Entrance"
Killarney Provincial Park

"Lake of the Woods"


Keeper of my Mind

"Keeper of my Mind"

Little Lake Shaguinda, Killarney Provincial Park

24" x 30"

This is an old friend in deed. Little Lake Shaguinda, located at the end of George Lake. You can hike there or paddle there, either way it is a jewelled area as the light hits it and illuminates it at different times of day and different seasons. I took a series of photos at sunset from H53. The iron deposits on the pink granite are the most spectacular at that time of day. The area itself has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife. We have seen otters, loons, beavers, water snakes, a plethora of frongs, cormorants, a lone wolf many other animals there. In winter, we snowshoe up to the rockface where the iron deposits are encased in icefalls the length of the rock. It's great place for swimming and contemplation at the days end. I love this place and I love taking others to it to paint, camp and be.

Here is a bit of footage of the creation of "Keeper of my Mind"



Danielle Gardner Heart's Lament

"Heart's Lament"
24" x 30"

If you wander through the morning light out to George Lake from AY Jackson Lake, you will find this beautiful view that takes my breath away. A screen of trees with a cliff that pores into George where the La Cloche bath in light. The kids love scrambling up and down this area with friendly root systems and generous shade, framing the scene for contemplation.


"I Stand Before You"
24" x 30"


24" x 30"

Silent Witness

"Silent Witness" 2017

24" x 30"

Evening approaches, and the rocks gleam of an otherworldly silver light on Grace Lake. Every moment a different experience of colour that engulfs the viewer. This was the calm before the show of sunset.

Lumsden Lake

"Lumsden Lake" 2016

This amazing view is just one of the views from campsite h1 at Lumsden Lake, the first hiking site on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail. We have hiked here in winter and finally stayed here and enjoyed the water and cozy sleep in amongst the trees.

On the Way to Lumsden Lake

"On the way to Lumsden Lake - I am birch frozen in water"
24" x 30"

This past March Break we took friends of ours and hiked out to Lumsden Lake. They had never been to Killarney and this was a great first look at it! They couldn't believe the number of birch trees the start of the La Cloche trail had to offer. The 5.5 km hike was my first venture out with my baby after a year of not being able to do much. It was well worth it. The trail follows a stream for a while that had some interesting features. I couldn't help but think about this delicate piece of birch frozen in place perfect snapshot where it was situated.

Pine Island Channel Silhouette

"Pine Island Channel Silhouette"
24" x 30"

This view is one we know very well. It's of the Pine Island Channel through a lovely screen of trees where our cabin is. I love how the trees move and grow and the life that they carry. We have seen wolves, bears, heron, bald eagle, and a myriad of birds through this place. My heart is there. I tried to capture the calm I feel while I'm there. I don't know about you, but I feel a change come over myself when I'm in Killarney. The minerals in the water on our skin softening it is the best spa I have experienced. It's a part of us that we take with us back where we live.

View of The Crack from Killarney Lake

"View of The Crack from Killarney Lake"
24" x 30"

We journeyed out to see The Crack while we stayed at Site 20. The rock looks so different from below. I was happy to hear joyful voices of those who reached their destination while we looked up from below. Such a beautiful rock. We often think of the view from the top but the deep water beside it overwhelmed us with a sense of greatness and awe.

Freeland Lake Portage - Monochromatic

"Freeland Lake Portage - Monochromatic"
24" x 30"

Anyone who canoes Killarney Provincial Park from the South end of the park will know the Freeland Lake Portage. It offers an epic view of the La Cloche when facing George lake from your canoe. I hope you experience it. I have painted this view before but had been thinking about old photographs of trippers who went through in the 1900's. I wanted to pay homage to the timeless scene through this type of lens and enjoyed the final piece. I was thinking that we see so many scenes in colour and that it would have a timeless and unique feel.

Enraptured by Winter

Enraptured by Winter

Chikanishing Boat Launch, Killarney Provincial Park

Acrylic on Linen
18" x 26"

I painted this piece to explore different kinds of ice twinkling in the evening light. It was an incredible ski following the winter ski trail down to this lovely spot. So may blue hues that evening capturing our focus.

Sacred Shore - Journey to the End of Nellie Lake, East Shore

Killarney Provincial Park, Summer 2013

21" x 30"

Sacred Shore - Meditation, Nellie Lake, Heading East

Killarney Provincial Park, Summer 2013

21" x 30"

Scent of Old Pine - Monochromatic

"Scent of Old Pine - Monochromatic"
24" x 30"

This scene is of a campsite on David Lake. I think it was one of our best trips to date. My oldest daughter had picked out her office and computer...a sad statement of how we influence her playtime, and she and I walked through this inviting wood to the water where we found beaver sticks and three beavers. They were amazing taking trees down so quickly and moving them to their den across the water. I love this place and this memory. I have painted it in colour and chose to preserve the memory in black and white like an old photograph.

Carlyle Lake

Carlyle Lake

15” x 22”

watercolour on paper


Mockingbird Island

"Mockingbird Island"
Killarney Provincial Park


December Breath

George Lake

18" x 26"

December Passage

George Lake

18" x 26"


24" x 36"

North Shore

Killarney Lake, on the way to Norway

18" x 26"

Winter's Serenity

20" x 30"

Trout Creek
24" x 36"

"On the way to Little Lake Superior"
30" x 48"

"The Crack, Killarney Provincial Park"
30" x 48"

"The Trees Among Us"
36" x 48"
Acrylic on Canvas

Seven Trees on David Lake


A Y Jackson Lake - Morning Fog


Gardner Guest Cabin View

Gardner Guest Cabin View


Bell Lake Boat Launch

Bell Lake Boat Launch


Nelly Lake

Nellie Lake

Watercolour on paper

I painted the acrylic painting of this first and then explored the scene through watercolour. The vast space still eludes me.

Quartz Rockface

Quartz Rockface

Pine Island Channel, Killarney Ontario

Grace Lake

Grace Lake

Sent of Old Pine

The Scent of Old Pine, David Lake
36" x 48"

Freeland Portage to George, Killarney Provincial Park.

30" x 48"

Ethereal Killarney Lake
30" x 48"

Autumn Wind

20" x 30"

Bruce Penninsula Cypress Lake series 2011

1. Cypress Lake - Quiet Dance

2. Cypress Lake - Resilient Birch and Cedar

3. Cypress Lake - Root Investigation

4. Cypress Lake - Embrace - acrylic and varnish

5. Cypress Lake - Here I Linger


Artist in Residence 2009-2011

1. Staff Short Cut

2. La Cloche Finish Line

3. Site 87 George Lake

4. 5. OSA Last Bend

5. Killarney Lake First Bend

6. Site 4 George Lake

7. The Arc of Blue Heron Circle

8. Site 89

By The Bridge

By the Bridge

48" x 7"

acrylic on linen

Artist in Residency, Summer 2010

This painting was completed against a tree on the section of the park affectionately known as the Dog Beach, at the start of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail. It's a sliver of the view just across the bridge, a beautiful spot I have painted many times as my dogs enjoy the water.




Artist in Residence 2012

Temagami - Smoothwater 2008

1. Temagami - Exhilarating Air

2. Temagami - Waiting in silence

3. Temagami - Beauty and Strength

4. Temagami - Quiet Balance

5. Temagami - Taciturn Slumber


Tea Time in Canada & Germany



Lookout from Sunset Rock

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